Wallcandy offers an entirely bespoke service in order to provide you with exactly what you want. You can have a bespoke suit made to your exact requirements, you can commission a house to be built with every detail just as you wish, so why should you have to compromise when it comes to buying artwork? No longer do you have to select from the limited (and often decidedly unappealing) range on offer at various galleries or art fairs. Now, with Wallcandy, you can commission precisely what you desire, to perfectly enhance your interior's dimensions, colour scheme and general mood. Wallcandy. Bespoke photography for beautiful interiors.

We offer an ever expanding portfolio of images, the Wallcandy Collection, which you are welcome to select from. The Wallcandy Collection can be viewed on this web site. You are equally welcome to commission an image to be photographed (and computer enhanced if desired) to your exact requirements. All the images offered by Wallcandy can be produced in any shade of any colour. So, for example, you could have the pale yellow rose close-up from the Wallcandy Collection produced in three shades of blue instead. Or you could commission a photograph of a field of black & white cows and ask them to be black & pink instead. Because Wallcandy is an entirely bespoke service, if you can imagine it, we can produce it for you.

We are happy to print images that are brought to us, but in this case they must be shot by a professional photographer and be for a commercial project. It is only in this way that we can retain the highest quality control. We use a medium format Hasselblad camera to photograph all the Wallcandy images (those in the Wallcandy Collection and the commissioned images), which means a superbly high quality is retained even when the images are printed very large.

Wallcandy can print images up to 5 metres width/height by any height/width (so, for example, an image that is 8 metres wide and 5 metres high would be fine, as would an image 5 metres wide and 9 metres high). There is no minimum size, and no minimum quantity.

We can print onto various different kinds of canvas, onto metal, glass, perspex, ceramic, silk, chiffon and just about any material or medium that is physically capable of taking a print. We can stretch and wrap images printed onto material, eg soft artists' canvas, around frameless structures. These structures can be any depth you choose - just as a guide, we have found a depth of approximately 25mm looks particularly sleek. We can frame and present your images in any other way you wish.

All Wallcandy images can be supplied as wallpaper, whether for a dry or 'steamy' room. This produces a fabulous look in every situation be it in a private house or a commercial environment.

Wallcandy also offers bespoke lightboxes as an innovative way of presenting photographic artwork on walls. These can be made up to whatever dimensions you require, and the lightbox itself can be produced in any shade of any colour to perfectly match (and disappear into) your colour scheme. The image (colour or black & white) on the lightbox, printed on a large sheet of transparency film, may be changed for another whenever you wish.

The only thing you really need to remember is: if you can imagine it, and it is physically possible, Wallcandy can produce it for you!

Wallcandy. Bespoke photography for beautiful interiors.